Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

i am a very optimistic person maybe it cos i believe in destiny and fate so much. I believe everything happens for a reason and whatever happens, happens for the better as long as u keep ur hope and commitment alive. I dont particularly like pessimism - i always wanna do something to change that in them. I love life and i want others to cherish it too. i find happiness in little things in life. The world to me is a beautiful place - i swear i love it when i see little things like young people helping their grandparents walk, a group of guys messing around enjoying themselves, poor kids on the streets of pakistan enjoying the rain, moms hugging their sons, guys holding jama'at between sports matches, little kids trying to act all smart literally u name it and that makes me happy and thank God for sending me to this world. I love people who care! I hate jerks, dorks, narrow minded people, liars and hypocrites. very very emotional........

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