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LAW & Justice Commission of Pakistan

The Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan is a Federal Government institution, established under an Ordinance (XIV) of 1979. The Commission is headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan and comprises 12 other members including the  Chief Justices of the superior courts, Attorney General for Pakistan, Secretary, Ministry of Law, Justice & Human Rights and Chairperson, National Commission on the Status of Women and others. Each province is represented by one member.  The present composition is as follows:

  • Hon'ble Chief Justice of Pakistan.                                


  • Attorney General for Pakistan.
  • Hon'ble Chief Justice, Federal Shariat Court. 
  • Hon'ble Chief Justice, Lahore High Court. 
  • Hon'ble Chief Justice, High Court of Sindh.
  • Hon'ble Chief Justice, Peshawar High Court.
  • Hon'ble Chief Justice, High Court of Baluchistan.
  • Secretary, Ministry of Law, Justice & Human Rights.
  • Chairperson, National Commission on Status of Women.
  • Four Members (one from each Province, is appointed for three years by the Federal Government)
  • Secretary, Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan.


The Commission has its own Secretariat, headed by a Secretary and comprising other research officers and ministerial staff. The research posts comprise 3 Joint Secretaries, 4 Deputy Secretaries, 5 Research Officers and 2 Section Officers. The Computer section headed by the MIS Manager comprises of 2 Computer Programmers and 1 Computer Operator. The ministerial staff comprises 59 personnel.

Library & Computerisation

The Commission has its own library with a collection of 5000-plus reference books and law reports. The staff also has access to the libraries of the Supreme Court, Parliament, Ministry of Law & Justice and National Library. A computer network has been installed in the Secretariat and officers and heads of sections have been provided computers. Access to Internet is available and the Commission operates its website The website displays all essential information about the Commission including its composition, functions, reports already approved/published and pending projects.
The functions of the Commission are listed in Section 6 of the Ordinance.
Such functions include:  
  • Carrying out a regular and systematic review of the statutes and other laws of land, with a view to  improving/ modernizing laws for bringing them in accord with the changing needs of the society

  • Arranging the codification and unification of laws. so as to eliminate multiplicity of laws on the same subjects;

  • Removing inconsistencies between Federal and  Provincial laws;

  • Simplifying laws for easy comprehension and suggesting measures to make the society law-conscious;

  • Introducing reforms in the administration of justice; adopting simple and effective procedure for the administration of laws to ensure substantial, inexpensive and speedy justice;

  • Recommending improvements in the quality/standard of legal education;

  • Taking measures for developing human resources for efficient court administration and management of case flow; co-ordination between the judiciary and executive authorities of the Federal Government and provincial governments on administrative, financial and other related matters;

  • Preparing and operating schemes for access to justice, legal aid and protection of human rights;

  • Managing the Access to Justice Development Fund; 

  • The Federal Government or any provincial government may seek the opinion and advice of the Commission on any matter relevant to its functions.

The Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan has so far approved and published more than 110 reports on different issues/subjects and submitted the same to the Government for implementation. Some of these reports have been implemented.
The Secretariat also operates a Legal Awareness Scheme, whereunder write-ups are prepared on legal issues/problems of public interest and published through the news media. Six volumes titled, Qanun-Fahmi have been published.  
The published reports and write-ups are available for sale in the Head Office of National Book Foundation, Islamabad as well as its regional/branch offices in the 4 provinces. The reports/write-ups are also available on our website.
Similarly, several other projects of legal/judicial reform are currently under consideration of the Commission. They are at various stages of completion.
The Commission welcomes interaction with the general public, especially jurists, researchers, scholars and activists to get feed back on its drafts and receive proposals for reform of law, legal education and judicial system.
Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan,   

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