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Pakistan Penal Code Questions By Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

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Pakistan Penal Code


1.       Define private defence and elaborate the circumstances within assailant can be subjected to use of force even causing his death? (2008,2004s)

2.       Explain private defence of property when does it extends to causing even the death of assailant?(2008,2007s,2007)

3.       Define and differentiate between criminal trespass, house trespass, and house breaking? (2008,2007s,2007,2005,2004)

4.       Define defamation and elaborate exception to general rule? (2008,20005,2003,2002)

5.       Explain unlawful assembly? How it could be convert into roity? (2008,2006s)

6.       Define hurt and briefly explain different kinds of hurt?(2008)

7.       What is robbery? And how theft is converted into robbery? (2008)

8.       Define and explain the following…

a.     Dishonesty

b.     Good faith

c.     Fraudulent

d.     Injury

e.     Wrongful loss

f.       Person to believe(2008,2005s,2003,2002s)

9.       Describe different kinds of punishment provided by PPC? (2007s,2007,2006s,2005s,2004,2003s,2002)

10.  Define abetment and discuss the liability of abator in different circumstances? (2007s,2007,2005s,2004s,2003s,2003)

11.  Explain robbery and dacoity with the particular reference to difference between two?(2007s,2007,2006)

12.  Define rioting and affray and distinguish both the crimes? (2007s,2007)

13.  Define qatal-e-amad and explain how it could be compounded and waived? (2007s,2007)

14.  Define and explain the following.

a.     Court of justice

b.     Person

c.     Injury(2007s,2007)

15.  Define and explain common intention and common object? Is there any difference between two? Explain fully. (2006s,2006,2005,2004,2003s,2003)

16.  Define criminal breach of trust and distinguish it from criminal misappropriation of property?(2006s,2004,2003)

17.  Define criminal conspiracy and what are its different kinds? Fully discuss.(2006s,2005s,2005,2004s)

18.  Define and distinguish among assault, hurt, grievous hurt? (2006s,2004s,2003s)

19.  Define and explain the following.

a.     House breaking

b.     House trespass

c.     Criminal trespass(2006s)

20.  In what cases consent, compulsion or necessity may be sufficient defence against charge of crime? (2006,2005s,2004,2003s,2003,2002s)

21.  What are the restrictions imposed upon the use of force in self defence under PPC?(2006,2005,2002s)

22.  Define and distinguish between theft and criminal breach of trust?(2006,2005s,2003s)

23.  Define and distinguish between qatal-e-khata and qatal-e-sabab? (2006,2002)

24.  Define Diyat? How is it valued and paid and how is it disbursed? (2006,2005s,2004s,2003s,2002s)

25.  Define following

a.     Injury

b.     Wrongful gain

c.     Good faith(2006)

26.  Discuss and explain robbery, dacoity, and extortion.(2005s,2004)

27.  Discuss fully provisions under PPC relating to the offence of  robbery and dacoity explaining the distention between two? (2005,2004s,2003)

28.  What are different kinds of qatal and their punishment? When is it liable to Qisas?(2005,2004,2003s,2002s)

29.  When a member of an unlawful assembly commits an offence in prosecuting the common object of the assembly and how does it affect other member of the assembly?(2005,2004s)

30.  Define following

a.     Insanity

b.     Reason to believe

c.     Good faith(2004)

31.  What is un lawful assembly? When it becomes roity? Discuss.(2002s)

32.  Define criminal conspiracy? What are its different kinds? Discuss fully.(2002s,2002)

33.  What is right of private defence? What are the limitations imposed on the use of force of theist right? Explain fully.(2002)

34.  What is abatement? What are its kinds? Explain.(2002)

35.  What are kinds and punishment of hurt provided under Qisas and Diyat ordinance?(2002)



Prepared By:


Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

L.L.B Part 1

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