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English Jurisprudence Questions by Zulfiqar Ali chandio

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English Jurisprudence


1.       Define jurisprudence? Explain various kinds of theoretical jurisprudence? Discuss the scope of jurisprudence? (2008)

2.       Explain the advantages and disadvantages of fixed rules of law?(2008,2006s,

         2005, 2004s, 2003s)

3.       Define person? Discuss various kinds of legal person?(2008,2006)

4.       Discuss imperative theory of law? Also discuss criticism against theory?(2008,2005,2004s,2003s,2002s)

5.       Define ownership? Explain kinds of ownership?(2008)

6.       Explain various kinds of interpretation of exalted law?(2008,2007,2007s,2006,2004,2003s,2002)

7.       Discuss various kinds of acquisition of property?(2008,2006s,,2007s,2007,2005,2004,2003s)

8.       Define legal right. Discuss with examples the essential of legal right?(2008,2006s,2006,2005s,2005,2004s,2004s,2004,2003)

9.       Discuss various types of enforcement? (20080

10.  Write short note on the following

a.     Obi dicta

b.     Ratio decidendi

c.     Fiction

d.     Stare de cisi prinsciple (2008,2007s,2007,2006s,2005,2004s,2003)

11.  Define law? Explain classification of civil law?(2007s,2007,2006s,2004,2003,2002s)

12.  Define custom? Explain various kinds of custom?(2007s,2007,2006s,2005s,2004s,2003s,2003,2002s)

13.  Explain term Question of law, Question of fact and mixed question of law and  fact?(2007s,2007,2006s,2004s,2003s,2003,2002s)

14.  Discuss primary and secondary functions of law?(2007s,2007,2006,2005,2004,2003s,2002)

15.  Discuss various theory of punishment?( 2007s,2007,2006,2005s,2004s,2003)

16.  Explain agreement? What are the causes of invalidity of agreement?(2007s,2007,2004,2003s,2003)

17.  (a): What is ownership? What is sale and co ownership?

(b): Vested and contingent ownership

(C): Trust and beneficiary ownership (2007s, 2007, 2006, 2004s, 2003s, 2002s)

18.  Explain law of negligence in light of the relevant case of law?(2007s,2007,2006s,2006,2005s,2005)

19.  What is administration of justice? Do comments on its right?(2007s,2007,2006s,2005,2004s,2003,2002s )

20.  Define legislature? Discuss various kinds of legislature?(2006s,2005s)

21.  Possession is said to be 9/10th of law, discuss?(2006s,2005s,2004s,2004,2002s)

22.  Define evidence what are its various kinds?(2006s,2006,2005s,2005,2004s,2003s)

23.  Is law territorial in nature?(2006,2005s,2005,2003,2002)

24.  Essential elements of a state?(2006)

25.  Explain difference between substantive and procedural law?(2006,2004,2002)

26.  Discus term “justice” according to law?(2005s,2003,2002s)

27.  Define and explain the doctrine of strict and absolute liability?(2005s,2004)

28.  Discuss how legislature is superior to president?(2005,2002)

29.  What do you understand term person distinguish between cooperation and firm?(2005,2004,2002)

30.  Explain jurisprudence? Discuss its various kinds?(2004s,2004,2002s)

31.  Define precedent? Explain the classification of precedent?(2004,2003s)

32.  Define legal right? What are its various kinds?(2002s)

33.  Define property different kinds?(2002)


Prepared By:


Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

L.L.B Part 1

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