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Islamic Jurisprudence Questions by Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

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Islamic jurisprudence



  1.  What are different sources of Islamic law? Discuss in detail?(2008,2006s,2005)

  2.  Discuss the role of sura in an Islamic state. Can the present legislature be termed as sura?(2008)

  3.  What are the qualifications prescribed in Islamic law for a competent witness?(2008,2007,2007s,2006s,2005s2004s,2004)

  4.   Define ownership. How is it acquired and lost?(2008,2006s,2006,2005,2004,2003)

   5.   Discuss Qisas and Diyat. What is distinguishing between two? Do you agree to the proposal of conversion of death penalty in to life imprisonment in murder cases?(2008,2007s,2007,2006)

   6.   What are different sources of revenue of an Islamic state? Also discuss the present tax system in light of Islamic injunction?(2008,2007,2007s,2006s,2006,2005,2004s,2004,2003s)

   7.    What is the concept of sovereignty in Islam? To what extent this concept is applied in the present system?(2008,2005s,2004s)

    8.    Define IJTHAD. How it is conducted and what are the qualification prescribed for a Mujtihid?(2008)

    9.     Discuss the judicial system of an Islamic state. What qualifications have been prescribed for a Qazi?(2008,2006,2003s)

   10.    Define Hadd and Tazeer and distinguished between two?(2008,,2006s,2006,2005,2004,2003s)

   11.    Discuss Sunnah as a source of law. What are its kinds?(2007,2007s,2005s,2004)

   12.    Write note on any two of the following

a.     Imam Shafi

b.     Theory of abrogation

c.     Daman(2007,2007s,2004s)

13  What is the public and private right? Which one is more important and why?(2007,2007s,2006,2003s)

14  Define contract. What are the essential of valid contract in Islamic law?(2007,2007s,2006,2005,2004,2003s,2005s,2002)

15  What is legal capacity? How it becomes defective and what are the consequences of its defect?(2007,2007s)

16  Why Jehad in waged? What acts are permissible and what not during Jehad?(2007,2007s,2005s,2004s,2003,2002s)

17  Describe the role of Imam Shafi? Towards the compilation of Fqh?(2006s,2005,2003)

18  Sura plays an important role in Islamic state. Discuss in detail?(2006s)

19  Define Imam what are its kinds and how it is conducted?(2006s,2005)

20  Discuss Quran as a source of law. Also explain the theory of abrogation?(2006,2003s,2003,2002)

21  What are different kinds of punishment provided in Islamic law? Explain in detail?(2006,2005s)

22  Islam has got unique international system. Discuss in detail?(2005s)

23  Discuss the characteristics and importance of Islamic system of SHURA?(2005s,2005,2003s)

24  Define custom and discuss its importance in Islamic law?(2005s,2004s,2002s)

25  Discuss the concept of state in Islam?(2005s,2004)

26  Discuss the judicial system of an Islamic state?(2005s,2004s)

27  Write note on any two of following?

a.     Death Bad Illness

b.     Dar-ul-islam and Dar-ul-Harb

c.     Mall(2005)

28  What is object of punishment? What are the different kinds of punishment in Islamic law?(2004s)

29  What is Ijthad? How it can be distinguished from taqleed?(2004s)

30  Some jurists divide the world into two parts, Dar-ul-islam and Dar-ul-Harb. What are the consequences of such discussion?(2004s)

31  Write a note on any two of following?

a.     Dar-ul-islam and Dar-ul-Harb

b.     Custom

c.     Public and private right(2004)

32  Define Ijtahad and what is its importance in Islamic law?(2004)

33  What acts are forbidden by Islamic law in war?(2004)

34  Discuss the classification of crime in Islamic law?(2003s)

35  Describe the role of Imam Abu Hanifa in compilation of fiqh?(2003s,2002)

36  Write short note on any two?

a.     Dar-ul-islam and Dar-ul-Harb

b.     Ijtahad and Taqleed

c.     Head of the state in Islam

37  Describe various kinds of Sunnah mentioned their role in Islamic legislation?(2003)

38  Define and discuss; Ijtahad as a significant source of Islamic law with reference to contemporary world?(2003)

39  What crimes are regarded “Hadood Crimes” Discuss in detail?(2003,2002s)

40  Discuss the importance and role of Shura in an Islamic state in the Quranic verse?(2003)

41  Discuss the status of a woman as competent witness of evidence?(2003,2002s,2002)

42  Write short notes on any two of the following?

            a.   Prisoners of war

a.     Istehsan

b.     Source of revenue of an Islamic state(2003)

      43   Write short notes on any two of the following?

                   a. Fiqh school of thought

                   b. Prisoner of war

                   c. Tazeer(2002s)


Prepared By:


Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

L.L.B Part 1

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