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LAW of Tort and Easement Questions by Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

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Law of Tort


1.       Writ a detailed essay on remedies in tort?(2008,2006s,2004)

2.       Define and discuss the word tort in detail. A tort is different form contract and crime? How?(2008,2006s,,2005,2003)

3.       Show death of the plaintiff or the defended effects the tort action? Can or can not the case processed in such a situation? Give your answer with the help of illustration?(2008,2003)

4.       Briefly discuss who can not sue in tort?(2008)

5.       Define liable and slander also distinguish the tow from each other?(2008)

6.       Explain the doctrine of absolute liability? (2008,2007s,2007,2005s)

7.       Briefly discuss defenses in tort?(2008,2006,2005)

8.       Discuss in detail the kinds of damages in tort? (2008,2006,2005s,2004,2003s)

9.       Write a note in discharge of tort?(2007s,2007,2003s)

10.  Explain extra judicial remedies in tort?(2007s,2007,2003s,.2003)

11.  What is trespass to land? What remedies are available against it? (2007s,2007,2006s,2005s,2004s)

12.  Explain the principle that slander is actional proof of special damage? What are exceptions to this rule? (2007s,2007,2004s,2003s,2003)

13.  Discuss in detail public and private nuisance?(2007s,2007,2005s)

14.  Write a note on following

a.     Damnum sine in juria

b.     Volenti no fit injuria(2007s,2007)

15.  Discuss the case of ashbin vs. white?(2007s,2007,2006s,2004)

16.  Discuss assault and battery. Also compare them?(2006s,2003s)

17.  Discuss in detail the principle of vicarious liability? (2006s,2005,2003)

18.  Explain volenti non fit in juria as a defence. Also give its exception?(2006s,2005,2004s,2004)

19.  Write a comprehensive note on contributory negligence?(2006s)

20.  Who can not be sued?(2006,2004)

21.  Explain tort of  malicious prosecution in detail? (2006,2005s,2004s,2003s,2003)

22.  Define defamation what difference are available to defendant? (2006,2005)

23.  What is engine? Explain the essential of negligence in detail? (2006,2005s,2003)

24.  What do understand by trespass to person? Explain in detail? (2006,2005,2003)

25.  Explain in the case of Reyland Vs Fletcher?(2006,2005,2004)

26.  Define tort and explain its ingredients?(2005s,2004s)

27.  Discuss the following maxims?

a.     Ubi jus ibi remidium

b.     Res ipsa loquitor

c.     Trespass ab anitio(2005s)

28.  Under what circumstance contributory negligence is a good defence?(2005)

29.  What is difference between the concept of justification of torts and discharge of tort?(2004s)

30.  Define defamation? To what extent Is truth ad fair comment a good defence?(2004s)

31.  Write a not on absolute liability?(2004s)

32.  Outline the general defence which may be placed in answer to an action for tort assuming that person sued has committed the alleged wrong?(2004s,2004)

33.  Under what circumstances principle of contributory negligence a good defence?(2004s,2004)

34.  Discuss the following  maxims

a.     Ubi jus ibi remedium

b.     Injura sine damnum

c.     Damnum sine injuria (2004)

35.  Write a note on

a.     Trespass and trespass ab antio

b.     Trespass to goods (2004)

36.  Discuss the tort of private nuisance along with remedies availed to aggrieved party?(2003s,2003)

37.  Explain the law of negligence. Briefly discuss the case of Donoguhue Vs. Stevenson 1932?(2003s)

38.  Write a note on

a.     Contributory negligence

b.     Volenti non fit in juria

c.     In juria sine damnum(2003s)

39.  Wire a note on

a.     Act of state           b.       Judicial act

c. Quasi judicial act(2003)





1.       Define and discuss easement by prescription? (2003,2003s,2004,2004s,2005,2006,2006s,2007,2007s)

2.       Define and discuss in detail easement by custom?(2003,2008)

3.       Explain various kinds of easement? (2003s,2004s,2005,2006s,2008)

4.       Easement can be extinguished, how? (2004,2005s,2006,2007,2007s)

5.       Discuss in detail the acquisition of easement through grant? (2005s)


Prepared By:


Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

L.L.B Part 1

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