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LAW of Contract Questions by Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

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Law of Contract


1.       Define the terms void voidable agreements? Explain the circumstances under which a contract becomes void and voidable?(2008)

2.       What do you understand by the term free consent? Discuss the effect of mistake on the contract?(2008)

3.       What kinds of remedies are available to an aggrieved party in case of breech of contract?(2008,2003)

4.       An agreement with out consideration is void? Discuss the except to general law?(2008,2002s)

5.       How can a surety be discharged from his liability? (2008,2006s,2005s,2004s)

6.       Define term Quasi contract? Discuss the circumstances under which such contract comes in to existence?(2008,2005)

7.       Discuss the right and duties of bailer I a contract of bailment? (2008,2006,2005s)

8.       Define term proposal and discuss its essential elements?(2008)

9.       What are essential elements of a valid contract? (2007s,2007,2003s)

10.  What is difference between voidable and void agreement? Give your answer stating examples?(2007s,2007)

11.  What is difference between fraud and misrepresentation? Explain it giving example?(2007s,2007)

12.  Define contigent contracts? Are enforceable? If so, explain? (2007s,2007,2006,2003s)

13.  State the rules governing determination of damages for breech of contract?(2007s,2007)

14.  What is contract of guarantee? Distinguish it form contact of is indemnity? (2007s,2007,2004,2002s)              

15.  How an agency created and terminated discuss fully? (2007,2007s)

16.  When the object of a contract is lawful. Discuss?(2007s,2007)

17.  “All contracts are agreement but all agreements are not contract” Explain this statement with reference to enforceability of contract?(2006s,2003)

18.  What are the consequences of breach of contract? Discuss (2006s)



19.  Explain

a.     Agents authority is emergency

b.     Pledge by mercantile agent(2006s)

20.  What do you mean by revocation of proposal and acceptance? How revocation is made and what is its effect on validity of contract?(2006)

21.  Who are competent to contract explain?(2006)

22.  Write a short not on following?

                  a.   Mistake of fact and its effect on validity of contract.

                  b.   Who is sound min for purpose of contracting.(2006s)

23.  Explain

a.     Who may perform contract

b.     Appropriation of payment( 2006)

24.  Explain certain relations assembling those created by contract as laid on in the act?(2006)

25.  What is the consideration? Explain its exceptions?(2005s,2004s)

26.  What is performance of contract? Discuss rules regarding time and place of performance?(2005s)

27.  Explain what is an agency? When and agent is responsible for the act done on the behalf of his principle?(2005s)

28.  What is offer when it is valid? Discuss rules regarding communication of an offer?(2005)

29.  What is performance of contract? Discuss the law who may perform contracts and under what condition a contract need not be performed?(2005)

30.  Discuss and explain the effects of misrepresentation and fraud on validity of contract? Under what circumstances is different from fraud?(2005)

31.  Explain the rights of surety in a contract of guaranty?(2005)

32.  What is agency? How is it created? Discuss the general rule of agency?(2005)

33.  Define term agreement and distinguish between agreement and contract?(2004s)

34.  What are the persons by whom a contract may or must be performed by a person other than a party to it? Fully discuss. (2004s)

35.  What are the responsibilities of a finder of goods? And what are its rights?(2004s)

36.  How agency is constituted and terminated?(2004s)

37.  Define briefly coercion, undue influence, fraud, and misrepresentation?(2004)

38.  State the rules relating to appropriation of payment made by debtor to its creditor?(2004)

39.  What are the situation where the law under the contract act 1872 requires a person to perform obligation similar to contractual obligation although a person has not entered into any contractual obligation?(2004,2002s)

40.  State the various modes in which contract may be discharged? (2004,2002s)

41.  What do you understand by an act of ratification? What conditions have to be filled for a valid ratification?(2004)

42.  Define “free consent” and discuss the legal effect flowing from agreement, made without free consent?(2003s)

43.  When a contract is said to be induced by “undue influence” when is a party deemed to be in a position dominates the will of another? What is its effect on contract?(2003s)

44.  State the rules governing the measurements of damages for breech of contract?(2003s)

45.  State the circumstances in which a person can make a valid pledge of goods which he is not the owner?(2003s)

46.  What is the agency and what are the duties of an agent to his principal?(2003s)

47.  Enumerate the rights of surety as against the principal deter, creditor and against co surety?(2003s)

48.  What is legal status of contract entered into by a minor is it enforceable by law? If so under what circumstances?(2003)

49.  Define consideration? When consideration or objects of and agreement unlawful?(2003)

50.  How and in what order should reciprocal promises be performed?(2003)

51.  Distinguish between general and a particular lien?(2003)

52.  In what cases can an agent himself sue of be sued by the party with whom he has entered into a contract or on the behalf of the principal?(2003)

53.  What is the continuing guarantee? When and how may a continuing guarantee be revoked?(2003)

54.  Define “proposal” how does it becomes a promise enforceable as a contract?(2002s)

55.  Define “fraud” when is the suggestion of fact not fraud but misrepresentation? Explain by giving example?(2002s)


Prepared By:


Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

L.L.B Part 1

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