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Sale Of Goods Act, 1930 Questions by Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

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Sale Of Goods Act, 1930


1           Define and distinguished between condition and warrant. Explain implied and express warranties in a contract of sale?(2008,2005)

2           Who is implied seller? Discuss his rights against goods?(2008,2004)

3           What is difference between an agreement to sale and contract of sale?(2005)

4           What is difference between an agreement to sale and contract of sale? State the necessary ingredients for the formation of a contract of sale?(2007,2007s)

5           What are the remedies available to the seller  and buyer upon breach of contract of sale?(2007,2007s)

6           Discuss the provision related with sale by non owner?(2006s)

7           What do you mean by?

a.     Sale of description

b.     Right of stoppage in transit(2006s)

8           How title is transferred in a contract of sales? Explain.(2006)

9           With reference to the performance of contract sale discuss rules regarding as to delivery?(2006)

10      What is sale? Discuss its essential and explain the different modes of fixation of price in a contract of sale?(2005s)

11      “A seller can not convey a better title than be himself has” are there any exception to this rule? Discuss(2005s,2003s)

12      What are the duties of a buyer and a seller of goods under the sale of goods act 1930?(2004s)

13      State briefly the various remedies open to a seller of goods for breech of contract by the buyer?(2004s)

14      Explain fully the rule provided under the sale of goods act 1930, Which govern the transfer of property as between the seller and buyer?(2004)

15      What are the rules of delivery of goods?(2003s,2003)

16      Summaries briefly the implied condition in a contract for the sale of goods?(2003)

17      State the legal incident of sale of goods?

a.     by description

b.     by sample

c.     by sample as well as by description(2002s)

18      Write an unpaid seller’s right of stoppage of goods in transit? Indicate the circumstance which determine the duration of transit and how stoppage in transit is effected?(2002s)


Prepared By:


Zulfiqar Ali Chandio

L.L.B Part 1

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